Survey Matica

Survey Matica is a popular form of an online questionnaire market research. A major benefit of this survey form is that real time data is generally available, and analysis can be carried out through integrated IT software without the costly need to input data from hard copy – as would happens with postal surveys for instance.

Easily Create Appealing Online Survey

Design And Test Your Surveys

Create appealing survey forms with no effort where you immediately see how it looks like. Edit inline content at any time.

Immediately benefit from the results

Use your surveys’ results to strengthen your strategy and improve your business’ performance!

Analyze Answer

No need to synchronize results with your database. e-Survey takes care of it automatically! Obtain results and view results charts in real time.

Share and collect data

Share your surveys rapidly with e-Survey's built-in sharing system. Communicate about your surveys in just a few clicks.

Convenience, Accessibility and Cost-efficiency






Participants can fill out questionnaires when they choose to and start and stop a survey at their leisure.

Saves Time

Online surveys save a lot of time and effort. Through an online feedback management system, you can quickly create, administer, collect and analyze surveys.


Administering your surveys through an online system increases accessibility. You can send a link to the survey via email and set-up subsequent reminders.