IT Governance is a stage and arrangement in the development and operationalization of IT. In this management arrangement, arranged in one life cycle that starts from Strategy, Design, Deployment, Operations, Performance, and Measurement.


Capability Maturity Model Integration, abbreviated CMMI, is a measurement model of capability maturity (capability) to help define and understand processes in an organization. CMMI is also a representative simplification used to measure the maturity level of an IT organization in presenting, making, and developing IT services as promised in writing in a cooperation agreement. CMMI basically has a measuring unit with 5 stages of maturity and adopts 22 key process areas


At present, the most widely used Information and Communication Technology management best practice is the Objective for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) Control. COBIT 5 helps managers to create optimal ICT value by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits and optimizing the level of risk and resources used. COBIT 5 enables information and technology related to be managed and regulated in a comprehensive manner in every part of the company, taking full role in the business and functional area of ​​the manager’s responsibilities, taking into account that ICTs relate to stakeholders from internal and external managers.
Governance ensures that the objectives of managing the Ministry of Religion ICT can be achieved by evaluating the needs, conditions and choices of stakeholders, setting direction through priority scale and decision making, and monitoring during implementation, adjustments and progress towards approved direction and objectives of Management plans, builds, run and monitor (PBRM) activities that are aligned with the direction determined by government agencies to achieve company goals.


The governance of ICT is a key contributor to strategic organisational success. Internal auditors therefore have a key role to play in terms of giving top management assurance that IT governance is effective in their organisation.

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